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 Guanlong brand interpretation


The meaning of "crown" refers to the hat, shape like a hat or on top of things, there are beyond all, bureau of the meaning of the first; The meaning of "dragon" refers to a kind of long,Scales, the foot of the miraculous animals or some big tail crawler, used as a symbol of the emperor have the feudal era, or said about the emperor. "Dragon"Refers to the outstanding like dragon, be the first of the industry.


Enterprise management policy

l   company quality policy

Technology as the soul, quality first, continuous innovation, steady development.

l   company quality objectives

Customer satisfaction 92% or higher; Product a calibration qualified rate of 98% or more; The customer the exchange rate of 2.5% or less.

l   quality target decomposition



The production department

Product a present the qualified rate of 98% or more; Production plan completion rate 90% or higher; Facilities/equipment maintenance rate was 100%

Quality department

Customers exchange rate of 2.5% or less; Outgoing inspection qualified rate of 100%; Monitoring and measuring equipment calibration rate of 100

The purchasing department

Purchasing supplies purchase qualified rate of 96% or higher; Purchasing material stock on time rate is 95% or higher; Qualified supplier eva luation rate was 100%

Development department

New product is qualified after the data issued by the timeliness of 2 days or less; A single product change for reasons not customer number 3 times or less

The sales department

Customer satisfaction 92% or higher; Customer complaint number 1 time/month or less effectively

The office

Training plan completion rate 96% or higher; File management error rate is 0

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