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In 2007

On April 12, chongqing crown dragon technology co., LTD. Was set up, located in chongqing municipality jiulongpo district, Kowloon park area B China 9 road no. 35. Registered capital of 5000000, the factory covers an area of 1000 square meters, staff 26 people.


In 2007-2010

My company is mainly engaged in rubing matching products.


In 2011

My company to begin to enter the domain of urban rail, light rail, subway lighting products.

In march the company moved to tea garden district in nanan distract of chongqing city jade road no. 12.

On May 18, have LED lights and related controller design, the production of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification.

On July 5, my company for "LED lights outside the car", "LED heat dissipation plate light" and "the car LED lights' utility model patents.

On July 21, my company product research and development projects included in the technical innovation project in chongqing guidance (first).

On October 17, my company get "high performance LED lamp" and "LED downlight" utility model patents.


In 2012

My company achieve prosperity of chongqing railway vehicles co., LTD., urban rail car LED lamps and lanterns is qualified supplier qualification.


In 2013

I company of changchun railway vehicle co., LTD. Of passenger rail electric system of LED lamps and lanterns supplier qualification.

On March 20, to strengthen the fire safety awareness of company staff, the company organized a actual combat training.

On April 13, our company organization to carry out the "spring outing" activity.

On November 19, my company in chongqing crown dragon technology co., LTD. "2013 annual summary commendation congress" in the meeting room on the annual excellent employee award, and share the honor of the company.


In 2014

March 24 to check conformity of the company system, uniqueness, and overall effectiveness, active detection and improve the existing problems, and further promote the company continue to improve the system as a whole, the first of the three years repeat audit work.

On March 26, my company and Qingdao wei the orbital group co., LTD. Has become a strategic partner LED lamps and lanterns, opened up the international market.

On April 11, in the champions league dragon electronic meeting room to carry out the new product conference, to attend the staff there is project manager, director of development department director, production department, quality department director, director of purchasing department, sales department supervisor, etc.

On April 16, my company by rail transit LED lights and related controller design, the production of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification