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The most effective way to energy conservation and emissions reduction is power saving

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According to the state council "China's semiconductor lighting industry" twelfth five-year "plan", "energy conservation and emissions reduction comprehensive work plan", "decision on strengthening energy conservation work and the finance department, the national development and reform commission" efficient lighting products to promote fiscal subsidy funds management interim measures ", "semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry planning", and the ministry of science and technology, ministry of the independent innovation and high technology industrialization of the investment project preparation work plan instruction spirit, such as "carbon intensity" will be reduced 40% by 2020 to 45%.


Power to hold back China's economic development has begun to clear, as people living standard unceasing enhancement, social and economic activities and frequent exchanges and expand, lighting electricity growing gallery, make full use of electricity, save power and guarantee the power quality, can effectively support the social production and satisfy people's demand for high quality life.


LED green lighting products have high photosynthetic efficiency, low power, and other significant characteristics of long service life, maintenance free, will cause the third time in the field of lighting lighting revolution, experts predicted: the next two to five years, LED solid-state light source will replace the traditional gas discharge light source.


Rail transit vehicle use LED lighting energy saving more than 50%, compared with fluorescent lamp battery load reduction, train in the event of an emergency extended the lighting time, up by more than 50% compared with fluorescent lights, more powerful guarantee the life safety of the passengers, effectively reduce the personal safety hidden danger caused by inadequate illumination time.


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