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LED lamps and lanterns below what circumstance easily bad

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1) the malfunction of the bad quality of the LED lamps and lanterns more often to look for when buying a quality assurance brand to buy.

2) according to product instructions correct use of LED lamps and lanterns is prone to failure, exist hidden dangers.

3), when using too much electricity more than rated current of the LED lamps and lanterns, can cause the LED drive power supply part of components or the breakdown of danger.

4) LED lamps and lanterns "mist" problem, pointed the candle light, bulb lamp, project-light lamp, etc on the inner wall of the light after a period of time cover, the phenomenon of the water, water mist. LED lamps and lanterns of general assembly consists of several different materials, such as lamp cup heat part is metal, chimney for plastic, etc.; Lamps and lanterns in the workplace will produce certain quantity of heat, thermal expansion coefficient of different material is different, after long-term use can produce cracks in the joint of different materials and air intake. Nine small bend is building materials: when used in the humidity larger environment, chimney internal and external temperature is different, chimney internal heated gas chimney in the cold, if the gas contains more water vapor, can produce water mist and the phenomenon of water droplets, continue to light after a period of time, this phenomenon will disappear. Damp environment, therefore, also the factors affecting the service life of LED lamps and lanterns.

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