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Rail line 3 open 8 marshalling train in 2014

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     On October 12, 2013, led by the chongqing rail transit (group) of the urban monorail transportation equipment key technology research and development and industrialization "projects in so many ways to break the foreign technology monopoly, won the first prize of chongqing science and technology progress prize in 2012. And rail group is currently in 8 marshalling train, next year may putting-in-service proactively, capacity will raise a third.
     Chongqing rail transit currently operating mileage of 143 kilometers, the end of this year will increase to 170 kilometers, 2017 will amount to 350 kilometers, the total planning is 820 km. Rail line 3 and line 6 vehicles for all "made in chongqing".
     At present, the "made in chongqing" largest railway vehicles can hang 8 carriages. Rail line 3 lines growing site, transported 500000 passengers a day, rush hour often appear crowded. To alleviate the line 3 crowded, in addition to orbital group will start frequency from every three minutes to 2.5 minutes, 8 marshalling train is still in development.
     Supporting "is now do the corresponding preparation, such as import and export, such as signal adjusting, platform is the train could putting-in-service proactively, next year is expected to line 3 of capacity will promote a third." Chongqing railway hospital chief engineer oshea and introduction, 8 marshalling train at the beginning of the line 3 putting-in-service proactively, and 6 a mixture of marshalling train, to make an adjustment according to the traffic demand.

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